My approach to supervision is about helping you to be the best therapist you can be, in your own modality, as defined by you. I welcome supervisees who are open to looking at things in new ways, to being challenged, and to engaging in a rich and lively supervisory relationship.

My intention is to provide a warm and stimulating space which is genuinely supportive of you and your practice.  I believe that a good supervisory relationship can be deeply nourishing of you as both person and therapist, and in this way can enhance your working life and the therapeutic benefit you offer to your clients.

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My supervision training took the form of a Diploma in Integrative Supervision of Individuals and Groups at The Grove.  As such, I am familiar and comfortable with the variety of experience that supervisees of different orientations may bring to the encounter, and my approach carries the potential to embrace any modality.


Supervision sessions take place, at least initially, at my practice in Ross Street, Cambridge CB1. We will meet for an initial session to discuss what you are looking for in a supervisor, and will decide together if we feel like a good fit. We will then agree on the frequency of sessions, depending on your experience level and client load, and meet generally at the same regular time, for example weekly or fortnightly. Once we have got to know each other, sessions may be available on Skype.

My fee for individual supervision is £70 per 50 minute session.