Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Therapy

Therapy with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients is, of course, in a general sense no different from that with heterosexual clients; it is the exploration of a person's experience which is always unique to them, whatever their sexual orientation. Nevertheless some clients feel more comfortable knowing that their therapist has a particular understanding and familiarity with the gay community and the gay-specific issues with which they may be faced.

I have spent many years working with people of all sexual orientations; I previously worked as a counsellor at the Terrence Higgins Trust; and I am deeply committed to the principles of a gay affirmative therapy.

Transgender Therapy

I have worked - and currently work - with many clients who have gender dysphoria issues, and I have undertaken specialist training in working with gender identity, run by Pink Therapy. You may be in the very earliest stages of exploring your feelings and experiences around gender, you may find yourself at one of various stages of transition, or you may have completed a full transition and gender reassignment.

Either way, I will meet you where you are, without any agenda or assumptions about what may be right for you.

Unlike some of the other professionals you may encounter along the way, I am not a gate-keeper, and as such am able to provide a safe and supportive relationship in which you will find the time and space to explore your experience of gender in a meaningful way, at your own pace, which may over time help you to clarify where you are with it and where you want to go.

Some of the issues with which I work include:

  • coming out
  • identity issues
  • gay lifestyle issues
  • gay parenting issues
  • sex 'addiction' and compulsive sexual behaviour
  • living with HIV
  • sexual, physical and emotional abuse survival
  • relationship issues
  • negotiated non-monogamy
  • transgender issues

Get in touch

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